Mission Statement


The world is increasingly being driven by creative destruction, when entrepreneurs introduce innovations that send the old structures tumbling down. If journalism can successfully cover innovation and creative destruction, we can quicker develop a shared language for it so we can discuss what is going on, raising our collective intelligence.

All innovation is language innovation, introducing new words and stories, and we can not innovate faster than we can create new shared language. Good innovation journalism can enable societies to develop vocabularies for building wealth, solving problems, countering threats, and hopefully enabling people to build meaningful lives.

Innovation Journalism, journalism covering innovation processes and ecosystems, connects the innovation economy and the public sphere. Innovation Journalism is an essential part of the infrastructure for public debate, it enables open discussion on how we transform ideas into new value. Along with its role as the fourth estate, innovation journalism supplies an arena for decision makers to compete for public support in these questions, based on the mandate journalism has from its audiences.

How can journalism live up to the opportunity? How can it manage its own innovation? How should it report on innovation in rest of society? What are the business models for it, now that creative destruction is hitting the business of journalism itself, separating Journalism from the Media?

Come talk about it at IJ-7, the Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism. This is a highly interactive conference, with a main focus on small workshops and intensive discussions, with people from all over the world. The innovation economy is diverse and global.